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With electricity prices going up the way they are, naturally there’s a lot of interest in getting off the grid and generating your own electric power.

In addition to the guides and resources for building your own solar panels and wind turbines and incorporating them into a home energy system, you can also find instructions on how to create more unorthodox forms of power generation based on magnets or on perpetual motion.

One such system, in several different variations, invokes the name of the late 19th and early 20th century inventor and engineer Nikola Tesla and claims to offer a type of power that Tesla invented but was never able to market.

The story of Tesla’s life and work is fascinating and lies at the heart of our modern electrical and electronics industry.

Tesla was influential in the controversy between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse over whether to wire the U.S. with direct current (Edison’s preference) or alternating current (Westinghouse’s, also recommended by Tesla). AC won the struggle.

Tesla also invented the key components of radio broadcasting, designed the first vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft, and invented wireless power transmission. The latter invention relates to the claims sometimes made for him, that in addition to wireless power transmission, Tesla invented a form of power generation that harnessed
unlimited energy from the sky.

Nikola Tesla Secret By Ben Miller

One thing that all web sites purporting to offer plans for Tesla’s miraculous secret have in common is that they are long on advertising and very short on technical specifics. It is impossible to discover the scientific principles on which Tesla’s invention supposedly depends. Another peculiar fact is that, while the story presented revolves around Tesla’s work at and on the Wardenclyffe Tower, an expensive experiment funded in large part by J.P. Morgan, and supposedly doomed when Morgan pulled his funding after being informed by Tesla of what the experiment was all about, yet we are told that to build a working model of the system and get off the grid will require only a few hundred dollars’ investment in equipment available from any electrical supply store and hardware store.

One must wonder in that case why Tesla required massive funding by the notorious robber baron, and why he died in poverty. Surely he could have come up with the small amount of money necessary to build a prototype of his wonder generator and restore his fortune.

In short, there are great holes in this story. There is no real evidence that Tesla ever developed a method of energy generation, nor are we provided with any information as to how it is supposed to work. To discover that, you must pay the cost of the manual (slightly less than fifty dollars) and put it together yourself.

The sales pitch makes lavish use of Tesla’s name and of speculative embellishments to his life story. For example, we are told that the reason why Morgan pulled the funding on the Wardenclyffe project is because he feared losing money if free energy became available to everyone. In truth, the best evidence we have is that Morgan stopped footing Tesla’s bills because he was unconvinced of the potential of trans-oceanic radio transmission and wireless power transmission (which all the available evidence suggests was the real project Tesla was working on), and in a time of economic downturn was wary of risking his capital.

An unexplained fire destroyed all of Tesla’s notes from the project, and this is presented as evidence of a conspiracy to shut him up. Through all of this, however, you will not find any information of a technical nature nor any solid evidence regarding what sort of power generation Tesla was allegedly developing. To generate green energy, save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and achieve independence from the electric companies, all of these are worthwhile goals and very possible to achieve.

But it’s hard not to be skeptical of claims like this, lacking all technical details, and based on no real solid evidence, especially when well-founded alternatives such as solar and wind power exist already.

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