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As the price of electricity continues to rise, interest in getting off the grid (or at least cutting electricity costs by producing some of your own at home) rises with it quite naturally.

In addition, solar and wind power (the main at-home generation methods) are renewable energy, so that as you save money you can also be doing your part to save the Earth.

The cost to install a solar system if it is done professionally by a contractor is, however, quite high, and can defeat the point (or at least the main point) of going solar in the first place. But it’s possible to cut most of that cost out by making your own solar panels and installing the system yourself from these homemade panels and store-bought components.

It’s also not surprising, then, that guides are beginning to proliferate online for doing just that. One such guide is called Green Powered Home by Adam Stewart, available from

The guide and accessories are offered for $49.97 (that seems to be the standard price for such guides, so to speak – they all sell for just short of fifty bucks).

Green Powered Home Scam

It comes with a
money-back, no risk guarantee. The package includes theGreen Powered Home guidebook itself, a video accompaniment that demonstrates the techniques in the guide, and another guide called Do-It-Yourself Wind Turbine. Although the wind turbine guide is included in the package, the web site just talks solar, so that’s what will be discussed here. One rather refreshing thing about the site is that it is detailed and honest about exactly what you will be able to do.

It’s commonly stated (truly but somewhat misleadingly) that a solar panel can be built for under $200. Quite correct (in fact, it may be a cautious understatement, depending on what price you can find for solar cells). However, one solar panel is not going to power your home. The web site for Green Powered Home promises that you can make your own solar panels, each of which produces 120 watts of power. In order to completely eliminate your electric bill, you would want at least ten and probably more like 20 or 30 panels, so the price of your system would be well above $200 (although still far, far less than what a contractor would charge to install one fully-made, and quite a bit less even than buying a solar-power kit online and installing it yourself). Of course, even an incomplete system will still save you money on your electric bill, and can be expanded over time to save even more.

The guide is well illustrated, which is good, as it can sometimes be hard to visualize exactly what to do without pictures, especially if you’re not really up to speed on electronics assembly, which most people aren’t. It includes not only instructions on how to make solar panels, but also guidance on how to link the panels together to produce useful
levels of power.

Finally, the book details how to incorporate your solar panels into your home energy system, which requires a few more pieces of hardware, none of it representing a huge expense.

As always with such guides, it’s important to remember that a fair amount of work is involved and the purchase of a few new tools (or at any rate tools that most people don’t have lying around the house): a soldering iron and solder, eye protection and respirator, a multi-meter, and so on.

It’s not difficult to make your own solar panels, in the sense of requiring advanced degrees or intense levels of specialized knowledge, but it is somewhat time-consuming. The savings from doing so are quite dramatic, however.

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